Wednesday, April 22, 2015

{The $32.00 Wardrobe: Take 2}

Anyone remember the post from this past fall where I talked about how I had this crazy idea to buy as much of Addison's summer clothes at the Goodwill as I could? 

 And how that idea morphed from just her summer clothes, to her fall clothes as well? Well, I'm proud to say that exactly one year, 4 seasons, and a ton of clothes later, that adventure has finally come full circle.

It was a good run. I got SO many great things. And managed to never spend more than $1.50 for each piece. 

But it all came full circle two weeks ago when I cleaned out her closet and sold a good portion of those thrifted but oh-so-loved clothes at our church's children's garage sale.

In the end, I bought Adds all the clothes pictured in this post and a new-to-her bike and still managed to make back almost all of the money I spent this past year! 

 Which means, all of Addie's clothes for the past year, including the bike and these extra clothes, didn't even cost me $100.00. That's crazy! Less than a hundred dollars for a year's worth of clothes and a bike.

And with that? I'm done. It was fun while I did it. But I'm ready to move on. Partly, because now that Addie is a little older, she's a little more picky. Partly because now that she's a little older and wearing a different size, it isn't as easy to find things in her size. And partly because I just don't have the time to be at the Goodwill digging through the racks every Thursday morning like I did.

 But? I will always look back on this little quest of mine with fondness and a great sense of accomplishment! 

 Especially when I see her ride her new bike!

Monday, April 20, 2015

{Getting My Fix}

I did it.
After more than a year of hemming, hawing, thinking, and wishing, repeatedly watching the infomercial for it, and listening to friends as they talked about it, I did it.
I finally ordered 21 Day Fix.

Because why not, right!?!?
It's only for 21 days.
21 days seems pretty doable.
And even if I only lose one single solitary pound in these next 21 days, that's still a one pound loss, which is a win!

I'm apprehensive.
Those containers are really small!
And what if this doesn't work??

I'm even a little bit skeptical.
I don't usually 'buy into' programs like this. 
And really? These teeny tiny containers and these workouts really work?? Because I already work out a lot.
But I'm excited and ready to tackle it.
Because I really need to lose ten pounds. 
And I really need to make some better food choices. 

So, I've got my healthy foods all purchased and ready to go.
I've got the workout DVD that came with my program with all those new workouts to keep me motivated and interested. 
The only thing left for me to do now, is to start! 
insert: deep breath
Wish me luck?

(I'm always curious what kind of workouts others are doing, I find it helps keep me motivated and I think it's a great way to learn new tips and tricks--so if you're doing some sort of program, be it one like this or your own, tell me about it, I'd love to know!)

Thursday, April 2, 2015

{Witness: The Drama}

Ahh, the drama. Every January it begins. The general hype usually starts early in December. The conversations, the meetings, the alliances, the pleadings and the tentative head counts really ramp up around Christmas time. And then bam, the first Sunday in January, it all begins. This year it all began on January 4th.

Which means, from the beginning of January to the Sunday before Easter (Palm Sunday), this little production, that's actually not so little, consumes a very large amount of our family's time and energy.

The production is actually called Witness Messiah. And it's actually an outreach mission put on by one of the churches we attend. Because that's how we roll: we attend two churches. (long story)

In a nutshell, Witness is a drama that brings the book of John to life in a very intense, very much in your face, very thought provoking, and very unique way.

This year's production was exceptionally awesome, and as a result we heard all kinds of wonderful comments from audience members. Things like "I've seen Witness 8 times, but this year's production is my favorite" and "amazing" and "I can't wait to bring my ______ to see this next year." We saw a lot of tears, heard a lot of sniffles, and if my numbers are correct, roughly 200 people accepted Christ into their hearts as they watched this drama unfold on stage.

It all started a few years back with just Meghan participating. Then Marty and Noah jumped in. Then this year we all participated. While Marty, Meghan and Noah were actually cast members, I took a more behind-the-scenes approach and worked on administrative stuff with my trusty side-kick who answers to the name of Addison and likes to eat Skittles and hang with the cast members instead of working!

Marty really stepped outside his comfort zone and took on a lead role, and did an amazing job with it. Complete with tears on stage and everything--and at every performance he had people in tears right along with him.

Noah was his usual hammy self and took the part of being the boy Jesus raises from the dead to a whole new level. At one performance I heard an entire row of women clap as he rose out of his casket. At another, I heard an entire group gasp. Powerful stuff!

And Meghan. Meghan was her usual, quiet self and simply thrilled beyond words to just be amongst the large group of cast members in all the scenes.  You could just tell by watching her that she was having the time of her life-- she had a huge grin on her face at every single performance. It was great!

Anyway, with 6 performances spread out over 4 incredibly long, intense, but fun days (cast call was usually around 11:30am and we didn't get home till about 11:30pm each day) we are now giving our voices a rest, enjoying lots of down time, getting some much needed and well earned sleep, missing our fellow cast and crew members like nobody's business (it's a pretty tight knit community of 177 people that feels very much like family) and eagerly anticipating January 3rd, 2016 when we can start the drama all over again!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

{Quick Easter Banner}

Printed off the pattern, raided my craft cupboard for my supplies, and got to work making an Easter banner for our big chalkboard--all before my coffee even finished brewing. 


And didn't cost me a dime.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

{Spring Break: Iowa Style}

Last week was Spring Break for us and we wanted to do what every Minnesota family wants to do over spring break: we wanted to escape to warmer weather. But, we already have two big trips booked in May and June thereby making spending money on yet another week long vacation seem excessive. But, not a single one of us wanted to spend all of Spring Break at home, either! So, we compromised. We still took a bit of a vacation. We still found warmer weather. We still found adventure. But? We went to a not so common destination.

 We went: to Des Moines, Iowa.

Why Iowa you may wonder? Easy. We love it there! We love the country back roads. We love the small towns. We love the slower pace. We love all the fun and unique things to do in Iowa. We also love that it's a ways from home, but not so far away that we can't drive there (or home) in just a few short hours.

So, how did we pick Des Moines exactly? Well, we owe that to Pinterest and a good old fashioned road map. Last summer we took several short trips and explored the Northeastern part of the state and decided that this year we needed to explore the Central part of the state. So after taking two minutes to study my Iowa map, I realized that that pretty much narrowed things down to Mason City, Ames, Fort Dodge and Des Moines. From there, a quick surf on Pinterest narrowed us down to Des Moines.

Des Moines had a plethora of things for us to do. From a sculpture park that's lit up at night, to a super cool history center, to pedestrian bridges that light up at night, to a really cool botanical garden, there was just so much for us to do and experience. And pretty much all of it, was free

While it wasn't our best vacation ever, (we encountered a lot of bumps in the road and a lot of stressful situations) we still managed to have some pretty fun moments and experiences.

And we still managed to enjoy some 70 degree weather and lots of outdoor time!

As well as some indoor time..

But most of all, we made lots of memories--be they good or bad, we made lots of memories, that still have us talking about our trip today!

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