Saturday, January 9, 2016

{Adventures In Walmarting}

Have you seen this blog? Rollback Style. They're on Instagram, too.

When my friend Shelley first texted me telling me I had to look them up, I was a bit hesitant. But then? I got curious. What kinds of things are they finding? I mean, does Walmart even sell fun things? Because I'm clearly missing out on them if they do! So I looked them up.

And I killed a solid 30 minutes staring at their Instagram feed. And then I started thinking outside the big red box. And then the ideas started forming. And then I texted Shelley back telling her I thought we needed to head to Walmart and give this whole "rollback style" thing a try. So we did.

We each made our lists of things we wanted to look for. Shelley's list was straight up from their Instagram feed. Mine was a mix of their finds and my own ideas. And with coffees in hand we walked through Walmart's doors, said hi to the greeter, grabbed a couple of carts and began our Walmarting hunt.

Two hours later, we left the store with bags in our hands and feeling victorious, and proceeded to head to a second Walmart. Where we didn't find anything. Or feel victorious. Yet, we agreed that we would for sure do this again.  And then? We went to lunch at Wendy's and ordered some chili. Because that's how we roll.

So what did I find? Well in addition to a fun candle holder, a down-filled long coat, and some amazing boot slippers, I found.....

 this picture frame:

this Lavender scented bubble bath and matching Epsom salts:

this scarf:

and this wallet:

So, after all this, I decided that I need to be a little nicer to Walmart; that I need to take more time in Walmart and nose around a bit instead of just racing through with my head down!

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

{The Disorganized Christmas}

We have named our Christmas season this year. And we have named it: The Disorganized Christmas. It's a very fitting name because, well, we have been extremely disorganized. And overwhelmed. And pressed for time. And very tired. But mostly, we've been disorganized.

I didn't get my Christmas notebook made till this past Monday.
We have only done half the stuff on our Advent Cards.
We have misplaced gifts.
We have lost receipts.
We didn't get the house decorated until last weekend.
We have only watched three Christmas movies.
We have forgotten about concerts. 
We aren't even close to being done with our shopping.
We haven't wrapped a single gift.
We haven't picked up our pictures that we had taken at Target yet.
We haven't picked up our Christmas card pictures from Walgreens yet, either.
We haven't even read any Christmas books with Addie at night.

What's worse is that we haven't even kept on top of our regular life stuff either!
We have been buying toilet paper from the gas station on the corner.
We have been buying our groceries there, too.
We're using bars of travel size soap because I keep forgetting to buy soap.
We've been using travel size toothpaste and shampoo as well for the same reason.
We have been having pizza for dinner 4 nights a week.
We have been eating out the other 3 nights.
We are behind on laundry.
We are behind on cleaning.
We have forgotten to send hats and gloves with the kids for school.
We have forgotten to wake kids for school. Not once--but THREE times. 
We are a walking disaster.

At this point I'm thinking we're better off just buying everyone gas station gift cards, wrapping everything in Target bags and calling it good.  

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

{The Fifteenth Day Of Christmas}

Our original plan for the Fifteenth Day Of Christmas was to sign, stuff and address our Christmas cards. But I forgot to pick up my pictures. And I was stressed. And tired. And Meghan wasn't even going to be home. Her Chamber Choir was caroling/singing at our favorite local restaurant. So, we bagged the Christmas card plan and Marty, Noah, Addison and I went to Keys for dinner and listened to Meghan's choir sing for an hour instead. We left feeling so uplifted and refreshed and in such good spirits; it was a great, great night.

Monday, December 14, 2015

{The Fourteenth Day Of Christmas}

For the Fourteenth Day Of Christmas we crashed a holiday concert at Meghan's school. Meghan's Chamber Choir was doing a bit of caroling as some pre-concert entertainment for the holiday concert attenders. Since we needed to drop her off then turn around and go back to pick her up an hour later, we figured why not just go, listen to her Chamber Choir sing Christmas songs then stay to listen to the 9th and 10th grade concert choir, the 9th and 10th grade band and the 9th and 10th grade orchestra. So we did. We sat right up front. We stayed for root beer floats afterwards. We even listened to the 11th and 12th grade jazz band play Christmas carols as we ate our ice cream. We had such a good time!

Sunday, December 13, 2015

{The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas}

The Thirteenth Day Of Christmas was all about baking. And cookie decorating. And listening to Christmas music as we decorated our cookies. Then ordering pizza for dinner because we were not organized to actually cook anything after all of our baking and cookie decorating.